Scott Eric Smith
Works List
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Edward the second - 2001
Opera in 4 acts
Libretto based on Christopher Marlowe's play
with abridgements and additions by Scott Eric Smith
11 vocalists (minimum):
  • 5 major rôles (soprano, countertenor (mezzo), 2 tenors, baritone)
  • 2 secondary rôles (treble, bass)
  • minimum of 4 men as "chorus" with many solo lines
Chamber orchestra (18 players):
  • pic, 2 ob (2 alt cA), cl (alt bs cl), bsn (alt cbsn)
  • horn, 2 tpt, tbn
  • timp, perc (2), piano
  • string quartet, contrabass
Part I: Act I (dur. 31 minutes) and Act II (dur. 30 minutes)
Part II: Act III (dur. 29 minutes), Act IV (dur. 16 minutes) and Epilogue (in progress).
More information plus media files
Trifles - 1991
Chamber Opera in 1 act
Libretto based on Susan Glaspell's play
[midi mp3]
5 soloists: ss(ms)tbb
chamber orchestra (pic, fl, ob, cl, t sax, horn, trpt, timp, perc (1), piano, string quartet, contrabass)
dur. 43 minutes
Unspoken - 2001
Song cycle (texts by Walt Whitman)
baritone and piano
  1. Passing stranger! • [midi/transposed voice mp3]
  2. Among the multitude • [midi/transposed voice mp3]
  3. O you whom I often and silently come where you are - • [midi/transposed voice mp3]
  4. A Glimpse • [midi/transposed voice mp3]
innocence, and time - 1994
vocal quartet (SATB) and small ensemble (piccolo, oboe, bassoon, viola, guitar)
  1. The Lamb (text: William Blake) • [midi mp3]
  2. Acquainted with the night (text: Robert Frost) • [midi mp3]
  3. Time's dedication (text: Delmore Schwartz) • [midi mp3]
innocence, and time is a work for vocal quartet and small ensemble in three short movements. The first song of the set was written after a long hiatus from composition, and the text was purposely chosen because I felt the need to compose something a bit more bright and cheerful than some of my other pieces (particularly on being invisible). I set the text quickly, combining parts of "Introduction" with "The Lamb" from William Blake's Songs of Innocence. I later found that there were a few slight textual errors in the book of poetry which I used, but I have stayed with my original text.
The Bishop's lover - 1993
[midi mp3]
baritone and guitar (dur. 8 minutes)
  1. Rise, Noble Soul (text: Thomas Traherne)
  2. "Come live with me, and be my love" (text: John Donne)
  3. "O you whom I often and silently come where you are" (text: Walt Whitman)
  4. Love's Philosophy (text: Percy Bysshe Shelley)
  5. "Live with me and be my love" (text: Christopher Marlowe)
  6. A Drinking Song (text: W. B. Yeats)
This piece began as Rise, Noble Soul, which was written for a friend as a Christmas present. Later in the year, I expanded the piece into a cycle of 6 short songs.
...passing through... - 1993
baritone, soprano and piano (dur. 12 minutes)
  1. ...from dust... (text: Thomas Traherne) - for baritone and piano • [midi mp3]
  2. ...passing through... - for soprano, baritone and piano
  3. dust... (text: William Shakespeare) - for soprano and piano
  4. epilogue - for soprano, baritone and piano
This piece began as a solo song for soprano on "Fear no more the heat of th' sun" from Shakepeare's Cymbeline. Later, the baritone solo song was added and finally the duet sections
Rise, Noble Soul - 1992
baritone and guitar (dur. 2 minutes
hypnogogia - 1991
soprano and piano (dur. 7 minutes)
Large Ensemble
on being invisible - 1993
[sightreading mp3]
(dur. 8 minutes)
Breaking ground - 1992
[sightreading mp3]
orchestration of the guitar piece
A tre cori - 1990
[midi mp3]
wind ensemble
Parados from Goat Song - 1986
[midi mp3]
wind ensemble
Veni - 2007
[midi mp3]
violin and guitar
Victor Terrie Scott - 2007
[midi mp3]
flute, violin and guitar (based on an early piano piece)
The isle of the singing sands - 2002
[midi mp3]
Arrangement of the flute choir piece
chamber ensemble (2 pic, ob, bs cl, bsn, horn, tpt, 2 perc, string quartet)
The isle of the singing sands - 1995
[midi mp3]
flute choir (2 piccolos, 6 flutes, alto and bass flutes) (dur. 10 minutes)
The isle of the singing sands was composed in the early part of 1995. The title was suggested by a paper published by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1964 entitled "MUSICAL SAND: The Singing Sands of the Seashore: Part II". The paper discusses various sands which "...when trodden on in dry weather creak and hum eerily under foot." (Alasdair Alpin MacGregor, Country Life, August 23, 1962)
Per sonare - 1993
brass choir (4, 6, 3, 1) (dur. 6 minutes)
  1. Per sonare (movement 3 of A tre cori) • [midi mp3]
  2. Fanfare • [midi mp3]
Shofar - 1992
6 horns (dur. 2 minutes)
Winds and wires - 1992
[performance mp3]
piano, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and string bass (dur. 8 minutes)
Winds and wires is a mini concerto for piano, winds and bass. It was composed for Darin Niebuhr (piano) and his wife Kristin Hoyer (bassoon).
Breaking ground - 1991
Early Works
Trifles for Teresa - 1989
[midi mp3]
clarinet, piano
A simple set of variations on a British folk tune written for Teresa Stubbs (who asked for something that wasn't too modern)
it's...uh...sort of a rondo - 1987
[midi mp3]
3 euphoniums and 4 (2) tubas (or brass quintet)
Diversion - 1987
2 guitars
for 2 trumpets - 1987
Oboe sonata - 1985
[midi mp3]
oboe, piano
Song for Mary - 1985
soprano, string quartet and piano
Sing ye! - 1984
Trumpet sonata - 1984
trumpet, piano
Three statements of a theme of Telemann - 1983